Why LED is the Best Lighting Solution for Your Home in Northeast Ohio

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What’s the best lighting solution for your new home or your home remodeling project? LED lighting, hands down. In this VLOG Bob talks about all types of lighting and why LED lighting is the best and should me your lighting choice.


One of the most common questions we get a lot when we’re remodeling a
kitchen or bathroom is about something we don’t pay a whole lot of
attention to until it goes and that is the lights. Hi, everyone, Bob
Gallese at One Man and a Hammer and One Man and a Hammer.com. Lighting is a
very interesting facet of remodeling. Why? Because there are so many
choices today. Incandescent bulbs, although they’re still out there, you
can still find them on racks and shelves all over the place, but of course
then you have the CFLs, the compact fluorescent bulbs, you have the halogen
bulbs out there and of course the latest and greatest, LEDs.

LED is not a fad by the way; LED is what we’re going to have all over the
place and they’re coming on, they’re coming on strong, and it’s not going
away. It’s kind of like the personal computer when it first came out.
Everybody thought it was kind of one of those fads and it would just kind
of fad away. Well, unfortunately it hasn’t, hence, video blogs.

At any rate, when you’re looking at lighting, let’s talk about a bathroom
for a moment. Halogen bulbs are great, they put out a lot of light and they
use a lot less electricity than incandescent bulbs do, but the halogen
bulbs are very, very warm–very warm to the touch. So you have to be very
careful where you’re putting the halogen bulbs. We typically like to use
halogen bulbs in recessed cans in the ceiling, at least an eight-foot
ceiling. If you have a bathroom with a lower ceiling or if you have a light
that a child can possibly reach or maybe as you’re showering you can lift
your arm up in the air and touch the bulb or touch the glass that’s hiding
that halogen bulb, that can be a little warm.

LED products period; you can do so many different things with them. They
come in strips, you can tape them underneath vanities, you can light up
counter-tops these days like onyx, solid surface, and onyx stone. You can
actually under light or back light that type of product. You can back light
pictures and wood frames that you put on the wall so it shadow boxes of
old, but now you can put LED lights around them. And these LED strip lights
today have a little remote that you can use to change the color, and you
can change the pattern of the lighting that goes around the colors and the
boxes and under the counters. There are so many different things you can do
with LED, and they use so much less voltage than any other bulb out there

The LED bulbs of today also there are UV free LED bulbs. What that means is
they won’t attract insects, and for those of us that have had a porch light
on when you’re sitting out on the porch late at night, maybe having your
favorite glass of wine and just trying to relax, and all of a sudden the
bugs come. Well, these new LED bulbs, the UV free ones, will not attract
the bugs. To me that’s a big plus. I think I’ll be looking at those myself.

As you look into other types of bulbs, fluorescent bulbs are still not a
bad deal. A lot of under-cabinet lighting in kitchens still use the smaller
fluorescent bulbs. A good choice, they are relatively inexpensive, and
that’s comparable to the LED bulbs, because LEDs are still a little more
expensive today. But they do far outlast–LEDs far outlast any incandescent
bulb; most halogen bulbs and all fluorescent bulbs. LEDs are going to be
there for years and years beyond that. So I know the big hang-up today is
the cost of an LED product. Unfortunately the upfront cost is not the only
thing of value you have to look at. You’ve got to look at it over the
lifespan of that bulb and how long that bulb is going to be there.

So if you’re looking to buy a bulb and be done with it for a long, long
time LED is the way to go. The fluorescents will outlast incandescent,
typically, and it’s still a very good value, the fluorescents are. The
problem with fluorescents is you always get that yellow or that bluish-
white light. LEDs are a much whiter light; they’re a much more natural
light, and I know a lot of hair salons and nail salons like to use LED
products. I know that because my wife and my daughter both like those
products, and my wife is a barber and my daughter does nails. So I’m
telling you what I know.

But bottom line is, if you’re out there looking for lighting don’t be
afraid of LEDs. It’s good stuff, and a lot of people pick it up and they
look at it and say, well, okay, that’s like the newest fad. But it’s not a
fad, it’s good stuff. Read up on them. I think you’ll appreciate what you
see. But the next time that you go out and you see maybe one of these strip
lights, say, at the local Costco. It comes with a remote and like four or
five two-foot long tape-on LED lights that you can kind of decorate all
kinds of things.

They’re really cool around Christmas, by the way. It comes with a little
remote and you can change the red and the green and all kinds of crazy
things. It’s really cool technology. Check them out. I think you’ll like
them. But don’t neglect lighting when you’re thinking about remodeling.
Remember, on a dark winter night like we’re having now, it’s important to
make sure that your kitchen–especially your kitchen–is lit well because
back in the day, God knows, we had one light over here and one light over
there, and there was darkness everywhere else. You had to wear like one of
those miner’s hats and we don’t want to do that anymore. Thanks for
listening, folks, and don’t forget to listen to my video blogs on our
YouTube Channel at One Man and a Hammer or at OneManandaHammer.com. Talk to
you soon.

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