Top 10 Questions to ask a Remodeling Contractor – Pt.1

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If you’re going to remodel your home in the future we’re creating a five-part video series that will help you make a contractor decision.
Today, #1 and #2 of the top questions you should ask a home remodeling contractor to help you make your way through the selection process.


Hi everybody, Bob Gallese with One Man and a Hammer, and Thanks for joining me today. For the next five
weeks, we’re going to be answering the top 10 questions you should be
asking a home remodeling contractor. Number one, who will be in charge of
the job once it starts? You want to meet all the players, you want to know
who’s coming in and out of your home. Is there is field supervisor or a
job foreman, for instance, that will be there every single day? You also
want to ask about a pre-construction meeting, which ties into this number
A pre-construction meeting, all the players should be there, so you get to
meet all the guys who are going to be there. Whether it’s employed
tradesmen, or it’s subcontractors, the job supervisor or job foreman,
whoever that is, make sure you understand who’s going to be coming in and
out of your home, and who’s in charge of all those people coming in and out
of your home.
Number two, can I get that in writing? It’s amazing to me that in this day
and age, with all the technology that we’re all surrounded with; I know
that some of us hate ‘em, some of us don’t. Bottom line is, it’s there.
Having things put in writing is so important in this industry, almost more
than any other industry in the world. Why? Because in many many contracts
or proposals, all you will see is we’re going to replace your faucet, we’re
going to replace your toilet, we’re going to replace your tile, we’re going
to replace your flooring.
It doesn’t really say an allowance for that flooring or faucet, or it
doesn’t say the brand, if you’ve already picked on out. Make sure it’s in
writing. One of the best ways to do that, that I have found, this is a
system that One Man and a Hammer uses, it’s called Coconstruct.
CoConstruct is a web-based portal that captures all this information. It
captures all correspondence via email or right through CoConstruct. It
captures all selections, it captures all expenses. If there’s change
orders the basic contract or the base contract, and then change orders, or
other things that you may have added as the job has continued. So, get it
in writing.
Get it spelled out. Make sure there’s some way that it’s all going to be
tracked, such as a program called CoConstruct, which you can easily see at, if you’d like to view it and see how it works. So that’s
number one and two, and for the next week we’re going to into number three
and four, and I think you’re going to enjoy it. We’ll see you then

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