One Man and a Hammer Home Remodeling VLOG – Cabinetry – Comparing the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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This week it’s cabinetry; Bob compares cabinetry features, styles; the good, the bad and the ugly in this week’s VLOG. . #ShilohCabinetry #BertchCabinetry


Cabinetry. What’s good? What’s not good? Why should I pick this one over
that one? Why should I pick Wellborn over Medallion, or Birch cabinetry
over Shiloh?

Hi, everyone. Bob Gallese, with One Man and a Hammer and It’s a common question that we get here in my
showroom and out in the clients’ homes when we first meet them about
cabinetry, and sometimes it gets a little confusing.

I’m sure that you’ve seen a lot of cabinetry on the HGTVs of the world, and
all those other shows that are on there. I don’t necessarily watch them
anymore. But bottom line is there’s a lot of different cabinetry on TV, in
the stores, and you’ve got to always wonder, “Why is this one different or
more expensive than the other?”

A couple of the reasons are this. The box itself, the box that the cabinet
is constructed from can either be plywood or particleboard. Do you need a
solid plywood or do you need a plywood box? Not necessarily. But if you
have a water-laden area or you like to have a nice finish instead of a
vinyl laminate on the end of a cabinet, the plywood is a better finish than
the vinyl laminate.

The vinyl laminate is always on a particleboard box, which in my opinion is
not really good stuff. As a matter of fact, in the home that I have right
now, that I built 22 years ago, I used a cabinet that’s well-known and that
vinyl layer is coming off because I couldn’t afford plywood box cabinets.
So I’m stuck with the vinyl veneer, but not for long. I’m going to remodel
it, I promise.

But then you have drawer construction. Drawers are used every day. They’re
slammed. They’re not slammed. Today there are soft-close mechanisms, which
I’ll talk about in a minute. But drawer boxes can either be, again, a
veneered wood over particleboard, or they can be a solid… [You're going
to have to use] solid wood. It’s not even plywood. It’s a solid wood with
dovetail joints.

The dovetail joints help that drawer stay together. You can slam it and
open it, and close it all you want. A dovetail is not coming apart unless
you sit on that drawer or dance on it, or some crazy thing. But the other
way, with the particleboard, a veneered box for a drawer, that typically is
put together with a butt joint and a few little staples. Open and close,
open and close, that front is going to pull off of there. Okay?

Again, you have a solid hardwood particleboard, dovetail joints and staple.
What’s going to be more expensive? Of course, the dovetail joints. But that
may be more expensive initially. In the long run, that dovetail drawer is
going to far outlast that particleboard drawer. I promise you that.

End panels, people always talk about the end panels. The end panel is the
side of the cabinet that you can see. When you’re standing at your sink and
you’re looking at the side of the wall cabinets or at the end of a base
cabinet run you see that end panel, typically you just have that flat end.
Today you can end a decorative end panel to all cabinets, quite frankly.

Some of them can either be an integrated part where it actually comes out
of the factory that way and it looks a lot like the door that is on the
front of the cabinet. It’s a real nice look. It gives it that custom look.
So, next time you’re looking for a kitchen if you’re not going to come to
me ask your contractor about end panels and what kind of end panels he can
put on your cabinets to really customize that kitchen to you.

It’s kind of like buying a car. You always want to kind of get those little
custom things that are yours. Or when you buy a new home, you paint the
walls different. You add things, you get rid of things, because you want to
make it yours. This way the kitchen is yours. You’ve got to put your
signature on it.

The bottom line is cabinetry is cabinetry, is cabinetry, not true. There is
a difference in quality, which means there’s a difference in price. If
you’re doing a rental property, fine. If you’re doing your own home, you
may want to look a little bit deeper than rather into that cheap price.

That’s all I’ve got with cabinets today, everybody. Thanks for joining me,
and join me every Saturday morning at 8:00 a.m. Eastern on, or at
AM-1330 The Talk of the Town here in Northeast Ohio for the Home Toolbox
Radio Show. Talk to you then.

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