How to Winterize Your Home So It’s Ready for Spring

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This time of year we get asked a lot “How do I prepare my home for winter?”. Being in so many homes every year, Bob offers up his answer and tips for getting your home ready for winter in this week’s VLOG.


Many times I walk into homes and, obviously, I’ve walk into many homes every year and especially this time of the year you kind the look around, you notice trees growing out of some people’s gutters and you kind of notice the hose kind of laying all over the grass or whatever the case maybe. Bottom line is a lot of these things I notice I always want to go in and tell the homeowner to get your home ready for winter. Hi everybody, Bob Gallese at One Man and a Hammer and 

Preparing your home for winter is really not a difficult thing to do if you pay attention to just a few things that I think will cause you the most problems, such as getting your mind in the gutter. And although I have my own ideas about your home preparedness for winter some of these come from But getting your mind in the gutter, don’t get your mind out of the gutter, get your mind in the gutter. Make sure your gutters are clean, make sure they’re flowing. You don’t want all that water and those leaves and everything else just freezing your gutters are backing up underneath your shingles.

So you, or have someone go up there and make sure you get those gutters clean and if you think about it, a product called GutterBrush can be installed in the gutters to make sure the leaves don’t clog them up again, Buttoning up your overcoat, home with air leaks around windows and doors is kind of like leaving a coat left unbuttoned and it is. I mean, your home does breathe, it needs to breathe, but when you have the gaps around the windows and doors that I’ve seen in several homes, in many homes quite frankly, you might as well just leave a door or window open because that’s what you’re losing every year. Weather stripping, some caulking is amazing what that can do.

If you have a real older set of windows, put some of the Visqueen over them. It’s just amazing how it cuts down on your heating cost. Getting on top of your roof problems, just having someone go up there, give you a roof tuneup possibly, looking around the chimney. And if you have the ability to do so, if you have an access area in your home or in your garage to get up to stick your head up in the attic and look around a little bit, look for water damage, look for any signs of water stainage and if you see that, get somebody up on that roof to take a look at it, put a coat of roof cement on there and at least you’ll be good for another winter, if you’re not looking to replace the roof yet. Obviously, we’re getting a little bit late in the year to do so.

The walks and the driveways, there’s not much you can do, but on the driveway to keep the driveways from heaving you can seal the control joints a little bit. There is products that the big box stores sell that you can pour into the control joints to keep moisture and water from going down in there. Of course freezing which then of course heaves the concrete, and then when summer or spring comes along everything’s settle again and before you know you have a two-inch gap between your driveway and the garage floor. Okay. Make sure you check your humidifier. If you have a humidifier on your furnace make sure you change that filter in there, and if you don’t you’d be surprise on what you’re going to find in there.

So open up that humidifier up and while you’re doing that you may as well call your HVAC contractor, have them come in and service your HVAC, your furnace, your humidifier, take a look at your water heater just to make sure everything’s working properly. Don’t forget about those out doors spigots. If you have the older spigots that are not the frost proof type, make sure they are turned off from the inside of the home, open up the faucet on the outside and let them drain. Put your hoses away, drain the hoses, otherwise they’re just going to pop on you anyway. And one thing that everyone tends to forget about is the fireplace. If you have a fireplace don’t wait until that day when that fireplace catches fire due to creosote buildup inside.

Have it look at, call a chimney sweep, have it taken care of, have it cleaned, and it’s going to be a whole lot safer for you. So take care of your home, get it ready for winter and when springtime comes you’re not going to have a whole lot of problem.

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