How to Heat Your Bathroom Floor – Schluter Systems Ditra-Heat

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It’s that time of year folks, cold weather is on the way. Ever thought about heating that cold bathroom floor? Watch this week’s VLOG on a product Schluter-Systems North America makes that’ll turn that cold bathroom floor into your very own customized heating zone.

Although the sun is out, I hate to say it, but we’re getting into the cold weather season folks. Hi, Bob Gallese with One Man and a Hammer and This time of year brings back some memories of cold bathrooms and cold floors. If you don’t remember, you’ll be reminded pretty soon. Bottom line is, if you’re looking to remodel a bathroom or if you have one of those bathrooms that has that cold floor and you hate stepping out of the shower in that cold floor, we all do, there are a lot of new products out today to help you with that and they are heat mats, as a general term, and heat mats typically can go under ceramic tile, they can go under hard wood, they can go under many, many different floor coverings.

The way the heat mats used to be made was a big mat that had a wire in between two layers of this mesh and that mat, typically, would either have to be custom made to go around the toilet flange opening, around corners of walls, around the vanity. You couldn’t really buy one that would wrap around all that stuff. So then you had to order a custom which gets very expensive or you would just get maybe a three foot wide runner that would cover just essentially, maybe the front of the vanity or certain parts of the bathroom. Today, there are companies out there like the Schluter Company which I talk about many times because we use so many of their products. Schluter makes a product called Ditra-Heat and the Ditra-Heat, I’m going to show you real quick here, is not only this orange membrane that the tile gets set on but it also has this wire that pops in to the little nubs that around the heat mat or are the Ditra mat itself.

This wire heats up, it heats your floor. It’s radiant heat and it also goes to a programmable thermostat. The great thing about the Ditra-Heat is it does not have to be custom made somewhere. This wire can be installed in any way, shape or form that we want to install it. So, we can do it right on the job or you can do it on the job if you are brave enough to try it on your own. But the bottom line is, with the Ditra-Heat, it supplements your existing heating so you are not cranking up the heat or you have to go buy an extra heater for the bathroom, which many people do. So if you’re questioning the expense of having a heated floor, two things to keep in mind.

Number one, you have a programmable thermostat and that you can set to, maybe come out in the morning at 6 a.m. and go off at 8 a.m., whatever your time is that you are going to be in the bathroom, getting ready for work or whatever. Number two, most people do buy and extra heater to put in the bathroom anyway which takes up a lot more watts, lot more power. They’re lot more expensive to run than this Ditra-Heat. So, if you are looking to remodel the bathroom, you are looking to add heating into the bathroom, some people do go ahead and they have the heat coming out of the ceiling, you have the exhaust fan and heat and light together. Having that heat blow down on you when you are wet is like turning on the hair dryer when you are wet, it’s cold. So that’s not very comfortable.

Some people have the infrared lights. Those aren’t so bad, but if you want to really keep that floor nice and warm and have a programmable thermostat with it, look into the Schluter’s Ditra-Heat. It’s a great product. We’ve used it many, many times and we love it. We used to use the old heat mat but now that this is here, we don’t have to have it customized by somebody else and charge our clients that much money to have a custom mat.

So, if you are looking to do a bathroom, looking to heating the floor, you’ll love it. You’ll never go back. It’s kind of like heated seats in a car. Once you have the heated seat, you never go back to the regular seats, I promise you. Look into it, everybody. Thanks again for watching. This is Bob Gallese, One Man and a hammer and We’ll see you next time.

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