How Much Does a Remodel Project Cost – The Budget Process

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When it’s early in the year, January, February, that’s when folks start to get cabin fever and looking forward to the nice weather. And possibly remodeling a kitchen or bathroom or add an addition. Establishing budget criteria and parameters early is the key to a successful project and Bob explains why in this week’s VLOG.


Is it time to remodel your home? Where do you begin? Hi, everybody, Bob
Gallese with One Man and a Hammer and

A lot of questions go through people’s minds when they start thinking about
remodeling, such as; how much does it cost to remodel the kitchen, or
bathroom, or the basement, or whatever you intend on doing? It’s almost one
of the biggest concerns and I highly recommend setting a budget early on,
so you don’t get yourself in financial trouble as the project progresses.

Possibly you may need some financing. Where are you going to go? Are you
going to go to the bank? A bank is a good choice, by the
way. Are you going to go to your credit union? Maybe Uncle Joe? Maybe Uncle
Joe’s got some money in a can in the backyard. Maybe go to Uncle Joe, the
interest rate will be less.

As far as setting up what you want to do with the project, what are your
pains? Let’s talk about a kitchen. What are the pains of the existing
kitchen? Is it the lighting? Is the cabinetry falling apart? Maybe the
slide-in stove doesn’t work any more. Maybe the sink-base cabinet is caving
in from water coming in the bottom.

So you have to start thinking about a few things, such as the appliances
being number one. Are you going to replace the refrigerator? The microwave?
The micro hood? The dishwasher? Knowing those items will help you plan your
new kitchen and the new layout. You need to know those sizes.

Cabinetry. Do you want wood or particle board? Again, that comes up to the
budget. So setting up the budget early is really important.

Lighting; under cabinet lighting, over cabinet lighting, new recessed
lights in the ceiling. If you haven’t changed lighting in your home in 20-
30 years, actually 30-40 years, it’s probably too dark in the prep area and
the dinette. Lighting is a huge, huge consideration. Don’t remodel your
kitchen without it.

Counter tops, do you want to go laminate, granite, quartz? Again, budget.
If you have a budget set up, it’s going to help you understand what you can
afford at the time.

The floors, you can go wood, you can go tile, a couple other considerations
but those are the two main ones. Do you want to heat the floor, possibly?
Are you on a slab? Are you always in your kitchen? Do you want to put a
heat net down there?

Folks, when it comes down to remodeling your kitchens and bathrooms and
whatever project you’re going to do, do it right. Set a budget for
yourself, make sure you’re using the best materials you can possibly
afford, and if you can’t afford to use a quality material: do yourselves a
favor and don’t do it at all. Save your money and use the quality
materials. Otherwise, you’re going to be replacing it again in 3-4 years
and you didn’t save anything.

Don’t forget to join me every Saturday morning at 8:00 A.M. for The Home
Tool Box on AM 1330 WELW, the talk of the town. See you then.

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