How Much Does a Home Remodeling Project Cost in Cleveland, Ohio?


The #1 question we get asked is “How much would it cost to remodel my kitchen or bathroom?” “How much does it cost to build a new or replacement garage?” Before a good contractor can quote a job, he or she needs to know a lot more info than dimensions or a brief description of what the client wants. In this VLOG Bob talks about what you can expect during the quoting process.


So you want to build an addition, and you’re trying to figure out, “What do
I need to ask? What do I need to find out? How am I going to get this thing
priced?” Many times, I get that question from people, “Bob, what do I need
to know?” Or when I go there they want to know a price. Hi, everybody. Bob
Gallese with One Man and a Hammer and

One of the most common mistakes that a homeowner makes when they’re getting
ready to do a major remodeling project, and I’m talking about things like a
big kitchen remodel, a bathroom remodel, or an addition, or a new garage,
possibly, is that they start getting prices from different contractors
without first having a blueprint for everybody to work from. As you all
probably know, building anything without some type of blueprint is just not
going to end up very well.

I’ve never seen a home built without a blueprint. I typically don’t see a
garage built without a blueprint. Although, I look at some and think that
maybe they didn’t have a blueprint. But bottom line is, when you are going
to do a larger remodeling project, get a blueprint. Maybe your contractor
can offer you one. Maybe he has that service. One Man and a Hammer has that

We can design right here. We do ask for a design retainer, but you own
everything. You own the drawings. We’ll do an initial proposal, a cost
proposal. But if you’re going out and getting prices from two, three, four
different contractors to remodel your kitchen, let’s say – it could be a
bathroom also, doesn’t really matter what it is if they’re not working from
the same plan, how are you going to compare apples to apples? It’s almost
impossible to do.

I remember walking into a home. A lady had gotten prices for her bathroom
remodel, and I said, “Okay. I’ll kind of work from that, see where you’re
at, see what your budget is like.” I said to her, I said, “Okay, what kind
of tile was your contractor giving you?” “I don’t know.” “What kind of
faucets was he giving you, brushed nickel or bronze, single handle, double
handle, widespread, four-inch center set?” “I don’t know.”

“Okay. What kind of shower, base or tub were they giving you?” “I don’t
know. It just says here they’re giving me that.” I said, “Well, how do you
know what kind of quality he’s going to be putting in here? Maybe it’s
going to be some closeout toilet or bathtub. Maybe it’s going to be
seconds.” In the tile industry “seconds” simply means something that got
fired too long. They’re not necessarily sized real well together.

So you’re really not sure if… well, really what you’re getting. So
without having those specifications put in place, including a blueprint
from which to work and where cabinets are going to go… Where is the sink
going to go? Is the window going to be made wider? Is it going to be made
narrower? Are you going to be putting a Lazy Susan in the corner? If you
have the shortened cabinets, if you want to take cabinets up to the
ceiling, whatever it is, you don’t want to count on any contractor,
including us, to remodel your kitchen to our specifications.

I know I’m pretty doggone good at it, and I know my designer here is real
good at it. But our tastes aren’t always your tastes. It’s your home.
You’re paying for it, and I would have to suggest, I would have to think
that you would want this kitchen to be your kitchen, not mine, and not
Contractor B or Contractor C. Which is why we always suggest to our
clients, “Make sure there is some type of blueprint, some type of drawing
to work from.” Make sure that you have some idea of what things cost, like
a faucet.

If you’re getting an allowance from a contractor of $50 for a faucet,
you’re going to be spending more money. That’s not enough. Or they give you
an allowance for $70 for a sink. Well, you and I both know $70 for a sink
is just not going to get you very much. So, bottom line is make sure you
have some ideas of what you’re looking for. Get a blueprint if you intend
on getting more than one quote. Otherwise, there’s no possible way for you
to make an intelligent decision. You’re going to end up becoming one of
those statistics.

Join me this Saturday morning and every Saturday at 8:00 a.m. for “The Home
Toolbox” on the Talk of the Town AM-1330 WELW, where we’ll be talking about
home remodeling and all kinds of projects around the home. To kind of help
you get through these tough months, we’ll give you things to do. We’ll talk
to you then.


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