Building a Home Theater & How Much Does It Cost?

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Bob had a chance to sit down with Tony Fabric of X-Tend Technologies in Broadview Hts at this year’s Great Big Home and Garden Show to talk about the awesome in-home theater they had setup at this year’s show. Tony and his staff are experts at home theater construction and he is your go-to guy for everything in customized basements.


Bob: So, you don’t want to watch TV in the living room anymore, you
want to watch it in the basement. By yourself, watch
your football game, with your buddies while your wife
is upstairs watching HDTV or whatever it is that she
wants to watch. Well, I have a company that it can
take your basement and turn it into a dream home
theater. Hi everybody, Bob Gallese with One Man and a
Hammer and I’m here this
morning with Tony Fabric of Extend Technologies and
we’re live at the home of the big, great big home and
garden show at the IX Center and Tony, I thank you
for taking the time out. What a fabulous looking home
theater. Is this pretty common, is this the up and
coming thing?

Tony: Yeah, we’ve been installing a lot of home theaters in people’s
homes for the past 10 years. Every year, the
popularity of the home theater grows more and more.
People like to entertain in their homes. If you’ve
got kids, it’s a great place to have them come and
entertain with their friends. You know what they’re
doing, they’re not out doing something else.

Bob: As they can see on film, we’re sitting on these nice comfy
chairs, which I know you don’t need all of these
after the show, so if you need some help taking these
out of here I can help you with that. But, putting
that aside for a moment, bottom line is, just the
seating alone. These things are all electronically
controlled footrest and in and out and up and down
and this is where it’s going. The sound, the ceiling
which you can’t see yet – we’re going to get a
picture of that ceiling – is amazing. What is going
on with the lighting in the ceiling?

Tony: So, the ceiling, what we did is we used over 600 strands of
fiber optic cabling and a light generator that
actually twinkles it and it makes it look like space.
It looks like you’re looking at the stars.

Bob: Amazing, absolutely amazing. I would love them. Is that a crazy
expensive thing?

Tony: No, it’s not crazy expensive. It’s very labor-intensive so it
takes some time. But when you’re building a home
theater, it depends on the size of the room and
everything else, but it can be done for $3,000,
$5,000 depending on the size.

Bob: What’s the most important aspect of putting together a home
theater? Is it the sound buffering, is it the audio,
is it the video? What is it that is the most
important thing you have to focus on?

Tony: Well, as I tell everybody, everybody has to work within a
budget so step one is establishing what your budget
is and when you have a budget established, we usually
will sit down with our clients and we’ll say, “So
much of it can go towards the projector, so much of
it can go towards the speakers” and get you the
basics that you need to be able to watch TV and watch
movies. And then the larger your budget is, then you
can expand out and you can do things like acoustical
paneling on the walls.

Bob: Which is what this is here.

Tony: Yeah, that’s what that is right there. You can have nice home
theater seats, you can put in a star-field ceiling.

Bob: Beautiful.

Tony: You can add all the little accents and the little things that
improve the acoustics.

Bob: And I see you guys have the projection. The TV, I assume what’s
that called, projection TV, right?

Tony: Yeah, this is a projector and then we have a 120-inch screen.

Bob: Okay, and that’s the latest and greatest. And you said there
was something about new 4X?

Tony: 4K technology. So, double the resolution of 1080P. There’s
projectors that are available that will do that. The
content for that is starting to come out.

Bob: All right and the most important thing about a new home theater
is that guys, you get a new remote. I know just what
ever woman wants to see in their house, another
remote. Tony, thank you, beautiful room, beautiful
job here, it’s at the IX, come on down and see it.
Make sure you join me every Saturday morning at The
Home Toolbox from 8 to 9am on WELW and
We’ll see you then.

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