How to Prevent Kitchen & Bathroom Grout & Tile Cracking


Problems with Bathroom or Kitchen grout or tile cracking? Find out how you can prevent that with a cool and innovative floor system from Schluter Systems. One Man and a Hammer uses Schluter products exclusively on all of our bathroom and kitchen remodels. And in this week’s VLOG Bob talks once again with Phil Woodruff of Schluter Systems.


Bob: Ceramic tile, two problems: Cracking, cold. Everybody wants to know,
how do I get rid of those two things? Hi everybody. Bob Gallese, at
One Man and a Hammer and There is a way to solve
both those problems, and the solution is here today. One Man and a
Hammer uses this product; it’s made by a company called Schluter.
Today, we have Phil Woodruff, the Schluter rep. Phil, thanks again for
joining me.

Phil: Thank you.

Bob: We’ve always . . . we’ve had the Ditra product out. It’s an
uncoupling membrane so your plywood’s substrate or your concrete,
possibly, can move and do whatever it wants to do; not put the stress
on the tile and crack the tile. It used to be that if you wanted to
also warm that floor, you would have to put down a heat mat, and then
the Ditra on top of that.

Phil: That’s correct.

Bob: Which means it was a two-step process and that would be a couple days
instead of . . . now, there’s a new way to do this.

Phil: There is.

Bob: Schluter has come out with this. Go ahead Phil, you let’s . . . tell
us about it.

Phil: Yes. Coming in March we have a new Ditra mat called Ditra Heat. This
is basically a 1/4 -inch underlament. You can see that it’s actually
configured differently than the Ditra mat. As you said, Bob, it’s
going to give us the uncoupling properties where we’re going to allow
the substrate to move independently from the tile. What is so
different or special about this product is that we are going to sell
cables, a cable heating system that you integrate into the mat.
Therefore, you don’t have to worry about leveling or flattening the

Bob: That is really cool stuff, because I’ve never seen anything like this
until right now.

Phil: There is nothing like this. This is the first underlament that we
know of that integrates the heating with the underlament. The other
thing it’s going to do for you is that you can customize your heating
system in your bathroom or your kitchen floor right on the job site.
What used to be, as you said, 2 days to get a floor prepped for tile,
it’s now one with just the underlament. Another big advantage is that
we talked about in the last bog, a barrier free-bath. When you pull a
curb out of a barrier-free bath, we really need to treat the entire
bathroom floor as a shower pan. We can now waterproof this product
just like Ditra with KERDI band. All we’re doing is adding in the
heating element to this.

Bob: You’re talking about heating the shower floor also.

Phil: If you were going to actually carry the heat into the shower floor,
yes you could, but you would have to put the KERDI membrane to protect
the cable in the shower. In the dry area of the floor, the bathroom
floor out by the stool, the vanity; all we would do is do the KERDI
band on the seams as we would with Ditra.

Bob: Wow. That’s amazing stuff. I’m excited because it’s . . .

Phil: We’re excited.

Bob: . . . it’s going to save so much time, which means the consumer’s are
going to save money because now we don’t have to have a two-step
process. Now it’s a one-step process putting this down and the heat
wires in, in one day instead of two days. Good stuff. I tell you what;
please, somebody call me. Let me put this in your home. I’m dying to
do this.

All right everybody. Thank you for joining me today. Don’t forget to
join me every Saturday morning from 8:00 to 9:00 a.m. on the 1330 AM,
the Talk of the Town, WELW and for the Home Toolbox Show. See
you then.


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