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One Man and a Hammer Vlog

Top 10 Questions you Should Ask a Home Remodeler

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If you’re going to remodel your home in the future we’re creating a five-part video series that will help you make a contractor decision.
Today, #1 and #2 of the top questions you should ask a home remodeling contractor to help you make your way through the selection process.

A Blueprint for your Remodeling Project

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Thinking about remodeling your kitchen, bathroom, family room? Make sure estimates from contractors include materials that will be used; from cabinets to fixtures, from windows to doors, everything should be listed. If not, your project could in jeopardy before it even begins. In this week’s VLOG, Bob explains why.

Communication Between You and Your Contractor

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One of the most important things to consider when you hire a contractor is communications. How are you going to communicate with him/her during the entire process? In this week’s VLOG Bob will tell you One Man and a Hammer stays connected with their clients and he’ll tell you why.

How to Find the Right Home Remodeling Contractor in Lake County

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Have you ever talked with a ‘contractor’ and they’ve said “I’ll cut you a deal if you pay in cash.” Or “You’ll have to pull all of the permits yourself.” Red flags for sure….In this week’s VLOG Bob answers the question “How do you as a homeowner find the right contractor in Northeast Ohio?”

Comparing Bathtubs and Shower Basins

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If you’re considering remodeling your bathroom you’ll need to think about the bathtub or shower basin. Tubs and showers are not all made from the same materials. There’s steel, there’s acrylic, fiberglass and cast iron. In this week’s VLOG Bob talks about what’s good and what’s not so good as he compares bathubs.

How Much Will Cabinetry Cost For Your Remodel?

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When it comes to budgeting for your kitchen or bathroom modeling project the cost of cabinets will be between 18-25% of your total budget. All cabinetry is not created equal no matter what the cost and in this VLOG Bob speaks to the quality of cabinetry and what you should be aware of.


Terrifying, scary, frightening and overwhelming, I’m not describing a
Halloween movie, I’m describing selecting kitchen cabinets or bathroom
cabinetry for your new kitchen or bathroom. Hi everybody, Bob Gallese with
One Man and a Hammer and onemanandahammer.com. You know as a professional
kitchen and bath contractor and a dealer for many, many lines of cabinetry
such as Medallion, Shiloh, Ultra craft, Birch and Legacy to name a few. I
understand the world of cabinetry pretty well.

I know it’s overwhelming and the cost varies widely throughout the
different brands for different reasons. Some manufacturers have certain
sizes of special cabinets, other manufacturers have specific accessories.
Some manufacturers build a drawer one way. Some manufacturers have
different colors. There’s many, many things to consider when you’re
looking at cabinetry.

This is why we guide our clients including those that are do it yourself-
ers or other contractors, possibly home investors that come to us and
purchase their cabinetry to make sure that we’re giving them the cabinet
that makes sense for the home. When you go out and look at cabinets all
oak or maple cabinets look the same sitting on a shelf, but they’re not all
necessarily made the same and you cannot typically get them modified. In
other words if you want a cabinet that was a quarter inch wider, an inch
wider, than some other one’s instead of just putting a filler there are
some manufacturers who will make that cabinet that half an inch or one inch

Most manufacturers won’t do that, but in your search, and if you have a
drawing done professionally, like One Man and a Hammer does for their
clients, we’ll know exactly what you need to put in that kitchen or
bathroom so you’re not placing fillers in there, or you’re placing very few
fillers or as few as possible. About 18-25% of the kitchen remodel project
is the cabinetry. So when you’re spending that kind of money on a kitchen
remodeling project you don’t want to make a wrong decision of course.

The variants of cost can be confusing so be sure you speak with a
professional. I don’t want to say a professional cabinet person but a
professional kitchen designer or a professional kitchen remodeler because
they do understand the cabinetry and they’ve done it many, many times. We
know what’s good and what’s not so good. As a lay person most clients,
most homeowners don’t know what to look for. Typically they walk into a
big box store, look at what’s up on the shelf and they say “Okay that color
looks good and that color looks good.” Meanwhile you haven’t checked the
drawer construction; you haven’t really checked the size. Is it just a
cheap vinyl veneer or is it a wood side?

The vinyl veneer will peel off in time. I have that problem. I bought my
cabinets twenty two years ago when I bought my home. Unfortunately I
didn’t think about the vinyl ends at that time, but you live and you learn.
So here we are twenty two years later and what I’m trying to convey to my
listeners is that when you’re buying cabinetry you don’t want to buy that
cabinetry again in two or three years, maybe five years. Cabinets should
be there as long as you need them to be or until you tear them out. Well
keep that in mind as you’re looking around, as you’re getting ready to do
the remodeling project.

Come and see a professional, come to One Man and a Hammer or any other
kitchen professional. Not necessarily the big box stores out there. I
don’t know how many professionals they have on staff when it comes to
kitchens, and they only have certain kitchens or cabinetry that they can
offer to their walk in customers. So thank you for listening. Remember to
join us every Saturday morning for the Home Tool Box at 8 am eastern on WINT 1330AM Integrity Radio.

Encore Garage – Garage Enhancement Specialists

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This was a fun VLOG to make. People are better utilizing their garage space by improving the look of the garage and in this week’s VLOG Bob talks with Mike Padden of Encore Garage of Akron, Ohio.

How to Plan Your Remodel w/Matt Fox

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TV Personality Matt Fox from the PBS’ Around the House with Matt and Shari stopped by recently to talk with Bob about planning a remodeling project. How do you plan for something that is going to last a long time yet stay within budget and is something that you can be proud of for years to come? And what about your return on investment when it comes time to sell? Bob and Matt talk about that a whole lot more in this week’s VLOG.


Bob: So you’re considering doing some remodeling around the home. You
don’t know where to start, don’t know where to end.

Hi, everybody. Bob Gallese at One Man and a Hammer and

You know, two of the rooms in a home that can take the remodeling,
and you get a little bit of money back when you go to sell the home is the
kitchen and bathroom. That is definitely the trend today. I think the
hardest part for most people is to figure out; What cabinets do I want to
use? What plumbing do I want to use? Should I supply my own materials and
let somebody else put it in?

Matt Fox, my guest host, has a show on PBS, which is. . .

Matt: Around the House with Matt and Shari.

Bob: All right. Matt, obviously, has been around for a long, long time. He
used to do a show on HGTV, and I’m forgetting the name.

Matt: Room by Room.

Bob: Room by Room. For some reason this morning I had that. . .

Matt: That’s fine.

Bob: . . . mental block.

Matt: You remembered my name, that’s all that counts.

Bob: Okay. All right. So, Matt, with the show that you have on right now,
what is it that you see people wanting to hear about? What do they want to
see you talk about?

Matt: Well, you just hit on the head when you started out, kitchens
and baths. First of all, we all know that kitchens are where most people
spend most of their time. You know, it used to be that we sat around the
kitchen table as kids. Well, we’re seeing more and more of that. So people
are really coming back to their kitchens, so they’re looking for that
kitchen that gives them a little bit more space so that it’s opened up for
them, but also, a little more storage because they’re cooking more.

Bob: Right, right.

Matt: They’re using their kitchen for cooking a lot more now than we
saw five years ago.

Bob: Well, and now you’re seeing the double drawer dishwashers.

Matt: Correct.

Bob: You’re seeing the microwave, as opposed to being placed above the
stove, you’re seeing the microwave maybe just below the counter top at

Matt: Yeah. We don’t want to see it as much as we used to. It used to
be just a functional box.

Bob: Right.

Matt: Now it’s part of the design element, so that’s what they’re

Bob: Then the big blower hoods. . .

Matt: Right.

Bob: . . . to get the moisture out of the home because that’s been such a

Matt: They’re expanding their cook tops.

Bob: Yeah.

Matt: They want to be able to cook more meals, more family-style
meals. You’re also seeing refrigerators that need to hold pizza boxes. You
know, they need to have a different type of setting.

So, what you’re seeing is kitchens are really the big focal point of
the home nowadays, but people are still having a hard time; Where do I
start? How do I get started? That’s why we like to tell people to find
their inspiration; be it a home show, be it a magazine, be it a contractor,
like yourself, going and talking to them, seeing other rooms that you have
done and built for other people so they have a place. They need something
in their mind to say, “That’s what I like. That’s how I feel.”

Bob: To see that picture and say, “That’s what I want.”

Matt: Yeah.

Bob: Because that’s normally what people do, folks, is they go through a
magazine and say, “That’s what I want.” One other thing that you want to
make sure that you do, make sure that you work with a contractor who will
draw this up for you, put it on CAD. I know One Man and a Hammer does, I
know many of the professional contractors do, but it’s definitely something
I think that everybody should want is something in CAD form.

Matt: You need a map.

Bob: You do.

Matt: You need a map.

Bob: You’ve got to have a blueprint.

Matt: Yeah.

Bob: Don’t go out getting three prices on your kitchen without having that
blueprint or that map because, if you do, you’re going to get prices all
over the place. You’ll never be able to reel that back in and make sense.

Matt, I appreciate your time this morning.

Matt: My pleasure.

Bob: It’s been a pleasure, as usual. We’ll talk to you again.

Matt: Thank you.

Bob: Thanks, everybody. Well, I will talk to you again on next Saturday
morning, from 8:00 to 9:00 on the Home Toolbox Show on WELW, 1330 AM, we’ll
see you then.

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