Testimonial: Pat & Charles Whitaker

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I called 3 home repair companies, all with good recommendations from Angie’s List. One never returned my call. One returned my (second) call to him and sent out a young man accompanied by his girlfriend… He did not seem very interested. He said he would “get back to me”. He never did.

In marked contrast , Bob Gallese of One Man and a Hammer returned my call promptly and quickly came to the house himself. We walked through and I gave him the inspection report. It was obvious I was a very upset and confused person, feeling overwhelmed by the situation I found myself in. Mr. Gallese was both kind and professional. He made helpful suggestions and said his work people could be out promptly to begin the work. I thankfully turned the whole messy situation over to him.

…The workers were actually engaged in a situation that frequently called for problem-solving and trial and error approaches, and they were methodical and thoroughly reliable and trustworthy. I came to value their company as my days passed in a house that did not feel at all like the home I thought I was coming to. They were all consistently patient, kind and helpful to me. The good work, and obvious integrity, of all these people were a comfort to me…

Many Thanks,
Pat & Charles Whitaker

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