Room Addition Self-Planner

Having a home addition built could be a wise decision for many reasons. To begin with the cost to build a room addition compared to your return on investment could be substantial regardless if you live in Cleveland or anywhere else in Northeast Ohio.

Looking at all of your options is job #1 and if you do plan to build, below is our basic room addition planner that will assist with the initial steps you need to take to get things rolling.

However, if you’re seriously considering a room addition to your home, and would like a more complete and comprehensive planner, we have one available now and it’s yours free for the asking.

Click here to get our special Premium Room Addition Self-Planner….

We realize the time and effort it takes to plan for a project like this and the folks here at One Man and a Hammer would like to lessen that burden.

If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to give one of our remodeling specialists a call and good luck with your project!


Basic room addition planner

Room Addition Checklist

  • Make sure to consider all of the following questions and answer them thoroughly before you begin your room addition renovation on your home.
  • Can you afford the construction?
  • Do you have floor plans or any construction documents?
  • What is the scope of the project?
  • Is the foundation cement or is it raised?
  • How tall is the first floor wall?
  • What type of windows and glass are currently in place?
  • What is the size of the garage? Any odd shapes in the layout?
  • Are the roofing shingles standard or architectural? What type of rating do they have year-wise (25 year, 30 year, etc.)?
  • What type is the interior trim? Pine, Oak, Other?
  • Does the owner or contractor provide the plumbing fixtures?
  • Does the owner or contractor provide the light fixtures?
  • What type and color is the paint?
  • What is the type of flooring?
  • What is the grade of the flooring (contractor, upgraded, high traffic)?
  • What type are the cabinets?
  • What type of finish and style is the cabinetry?
  • What is the type of countertop and what edge is being used?
  • Is the oven gas, electric, or both?
  • Is the furnace gas, electric, or other?
  • Is the hot water heater gas, electric, or other?
  • What is the expected timeline?
  • What is the expected budget?
  • What are the municipal requirements that must be met?