Love the Master Bathroom!

It was a complete renovation of our main bathroom. Adding a  walk in shower, a jacuzzi, new tile, flooring, lights, a complete walk in closet, cabinets with granite and all electrical and plumbing affiliated with.
Member Comments:
We are elated with the job One Man & A Hammer did. From the very first meeting with Bob and his staff, we couldn’t have asked for anything more. They took the time to go over what you wanted, (noted the extra’s).  Within a week we had a schematic on what it would look like. Then Bob spent 2-3 days taking us to other stores/dealers for our bathroom, flooring and granite selections.
The work done by his people (thank you John) was impecable. They were very much into detail and making sure it was as we wanted it. What I found interesting from day one is, they colaborated between themselves on the best way to go at things. I’ve never been involved with  anyone that did that.
If you wanted something extra done, you would simply ask that on their website. They would then explain what would be entailed with a price and you would either accept or not do it at that time. (The computer system was new at that time) but we found it worked perfect. You will also see a detailed listing of everything that is and will be done to your job there.
I would recommend this company to anyone doing home building or remodeling. They make you feel like your a part of their family and the work done is very detailed and to your specifications.
Thanks to One Man and A Hammer – who we will now use with anything to do with remodeling !!!