Jim and Amy testimonial

“We spent probably 10 years dreaming and planning a new kitchen. One Man and a Hammer made those ideas and dreams come true. Great folks to work with and awesome staff and crew! They may not be the lowest cost, but they are the best at delivering to your expectations!

Mark did a great job to understand who we were and why we wanted what we did. That sent the tone for the entire relationship. I was impressed that Bob took several hours to sit with us for the selection process. You certainly felt that the OMAH team’s goal was to deliver the best product to our expectations no matter what their contribution was. From design to executive through the payment, our happiness was evident in what they did.

The whole team was just awesome, but Mark took a decade of dreams and made them a reality for us. I often says to the hubs, “Oh honey?” Response “yes…” Me: “I love our new kitchen!” Thank you Mark! Job Well Done!!!”

-  Jim and Amy

May, 2016 – Kitchen Remodel