Feature Story 9

To say we are in love with this bathroom renovation done in Brunswick, OH would be an understatement!

These homeowner’s desired an updated space with new appliances and new color! That said, it was out with the pink and in with blue!



The original bathroom layout had three main sections: the bathtub, shower and vanity area. The floor was worn pink carpet which is not conducive to a bathroom and water setting as we all know. A large mirror overtook the back wall behind the bathtub and there wasn’t enough storage space for all the bathroom products, necessities, etc. The shower was outdated and very small in size, also.

Thank goodness for renovations! The finished bathroom now had ceramic tile flooring, which fit the bathroom setting much better. The walls were painted blue and accented with the same ceramic tile that was used for the floor and shower walls. Since the same tile was used throughout the entire space, the room really meshed together as one whole look. Thanks to the creative designer, storage space increased due to cabinetry added above the bathtub. The cabinets simply helped frame that corner of the room and allowed for the bathtub to be a true focal point of beauty. As desired, the shower increased in size and all sorts of features were added that were not there before.




Prior to the renovation, there was a step outside the bathtub and cream colored ceramic tile that surrounded each side. Wallpaper covered the walls and a huge mirror took over the back wall behind the tub.

After the renovation the bathtub was actually desired to be used! The step into the tub was removed and a 72 x 36 white Kohler whirlpool bathtub with color match jets was installed. A Moen Eva faucet with an Oil rubbed bronze finish completed the look. The same ceramic tile used on the floor was used to surround the tub. It was also placed along the back and side walls, which also helped frame the area and keep the wall dry from possible water damage. Cabinetry lined the bottom of the tub and was also used to create the storage cabinets overhead. All cabinetry was Hickory with a Medium Hickory stain finish.




The original vanity area was in need of a face-lift, too. The renovation allowed for more functionality and style to be brought into the room. The large mirror over the sink was replaced with a smaller wood framed mirror which was accented by a new vanity light finished in Oil rubbed bronze. Laminate counter tops with a square edge finish were installed. A 20 x 17 oval, china sink in a Biscuit finish was top-mounted into the counter and was completed with a Moen Eva faucet in Oil rubbed bronze. Additional counter space was added to the bathroom because the counter tops were extended behind the toilet over to the bathtub. The section directly behind the toilet can actually be lifted up and taken out for easy access to the inside of the toilet, if needed. A new Biscuit colored toilet was installed, complete with a 1.6 gallon flush, elongated bowl, slow-close seat, and a Biscuit finish flush lever.





The original shower lacked a proper door, was extremely small, had the surrounding wallpaper peeling away from the wall due to water damage, and the shower head was very outdated.

Let’s just say the new shower was a dream come true! First of all, the size increased dramatically. Showering was now much easier, more comfortable, enjoyable and a place the homeowner’s wanted to use. The walls featured the same ceramic tile used for the floor and bathtub area. A smaller mosaic tile pattern was placed in the floor of the shower to add variation and a bench/seat was added for good measure. Glass was chosen for the door and the upper half of the partial wall. This allowed the inside of the beautiful shower to be viewed from the outside and created a truly “open” feeling for the space as a whole. A hand-held shower head was added with a special diverter attached. It was installed on the shower head arm and allowed for manual switching between the shower head and the hand sprayer. A Moen Eva shower valve was placed as well. All three were finished in Oil rubbed bronze. Lastly, a lighted bath fan was added to ceiling right outside the shower area.



The vanity area outside the bathroom was a complete disaster. There was no organization, no storage space and poor lighting…just to name a few.

The renovation solved each issue accordingly. The walls were painted blue and new cabinet drawers were added for additional storage. This allowed for the clutter to be organized and for the counter space to actually become visible, as well as usable. A new counter top was also installed.




Here are some extra pictures of the bathroom that are worth a look! Shown are: a close up of the bathroom vanity cabinets, a view of the bathroom from the doorway, a look into the space underneath the upper cabinets above the bathtub, and a level side view of the bathtub showing how the floor and wall tie in together thanks to the same ceramic tile used in both places.

All in all, One Man and a Hammer was delighted with this bathroom renovation. It turned out beautifully and the homeowner’s were on cloud nine. Mission accomplished!