Feature Story 7

Euclid, OH has a BIG renovation to show off! We will let it SHINE and SPEAK for itself.


You are looking at the end of the kitchen that frames the outside of the house. The door opening on the right, as well as the new half wall opening, leads into the newly renovated dining room. As you can see, prior to the renovation the kitchen was outdated. It had old “wood” walls, wallpaper, worn flooring, lack of drawers for storage, and an “old feeling” when entered. The renovation updated all of these problems! The wall to the right is now half open to the dining room, allowing for communication between the two rooms. An island with built-in drawers replaced the old kitchen table allowed even more counter top space to be present. The more the merrier! The new ceramic tile flooring added depth due to the mix of colors which allowed for various colors to be used throughout the room.


Here is the left side of the kitchen. Before the remodel, the kitchen cabinets were worn and outdated, it lacked a proper back splash, and the window was hidden due to the coverings used to shield the sun. The renovation did this space alot of good! New Medallion cabinetry in Maple with a Sesame finish and no-drawer box design were added. An aesthetic charm was created with the Bliss Cappuccino Blend tile back splash in its liner glass/stone mosaic pattern. The granite counter top chosen really lightened the space and was a nice change up from all the brown everywhere. New appliances were housed into the counter top, including a Luxart Stainless Steel single bowl sink and a Moen Classic Stainless Steel level kitchen faucet complete with a pull-down spout. The only thing re-used was the disposal because it was still in good shape.



This is the left corner of the kitchen. The microwave got placed in its own cubby off the counter, which freed up counter space. More cabinetry was added, which is great for every kitchen! A new Stainless Steel refrigerator tucked nicely into the prior cubby space. The wallpaper along the soffit was stripped off and the walls were painted white to match the ceiling. The entrance into the dining room doesn’t have a frame anymore so the wall is now flush. Overall, this corner turned into a cute and quaint space.




Here are some extra photos of the finished product. The final corner of the kitchen turned out great and stored the coffee maker! The abundance of counter and storage space due to the length of the wall in the kitchen was fantastic. Cabinets and drawers of all sizes were installed to meet every appliance need available. The Stainless Steel dishwasher blended in nicely with the cabinetry, as well. Around the window and above the sink was now a lovely focal point due to the framed glass cabinet fronts. The light in the upper cabinets really draws attention to the area and allowed the homeowners to display special products there for all to see. In addition, the newly added Stainless Steel hood vent over the stove was breathtaking. Everything pulled together and created a brilliant final product!!




Lay your eyes upon the new laundry room! The entrance is to the right of the refrigerator across from the corner with the coffee maker on the counter. The same granite tile used in the kitchen was also used here, which created a nice flow between the two rooms. The wallpaper was taken off and the walls were painted white. A new washer and dryer were placed next to a Tahiti Desert laundry sink. This sink allowed cabinets to be added underneath, lending more available storage space. The same layout in both pictures, but a huge transformation for the better!



The dining room and foyer were also renovated! Once again, the ceramic tile flooring from the kitchen carried over into these rooms. The walls, however, were painted a Lenox Tan color but the ceiling remained white. The half-wall opening looking into the kitchen really opened/brightened the space. Simple, yet remarkably effective.



Last but not least, the bathroom got a makeover. The same floor was used here, also, and the walls were painted Lenox Tan. The vanity was replaced by a Kohler Cimarron tank and round front bowl with a Kohler brushed nickel forte sculpted widespread faucet. A beautiful oval mirror was placed above and a brushed nickel towel bar was placed to the right. Across the room, a new Kohler Cimarron toilet with brushed nickel accessories was installed. Above it was a couple of cabinets and a shelf for storage. A small space complete with everything needed to serve its function–CHECK.

Overall, our company was ecstatic with the final outcome. What pleased us the most, however, was the smile and satisfaction of the homeowners when they walked through the entire final project!