Feature Story 6

Please ENJOY this bathroom renovation done by One Man in a Hammer in Gates Mills, OH!

Prepare yourself for two awe-striking moments when you scroll down the page and view the new space :)


As you can see, the design layout of the bathroom was not changed too much. Instead, the bathroom got a face-lift and many needed upgrades. This picture shows the new toilet, flooring, and shower. The CTI Croten A tile flooring is 12×24 squares and a fabulous color. It really pulls all the other bathroom aspects and colors used together to mesh in an elegant way. The shower tile mosaic floor contrasts well against the dark floor outside the shower, as well as the dark shower walls. Each bathroom wall is now covered in a creamy tanish-yellow paint which really softens the whole room in a subtle way.



The vanity got a huge make-over and is AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS NOW. The vanity doors are now a rustic cream color with a unique finish over the top to give the color definition and aesthetic appeal. As you can see, the vanity now has drawers and cabinets for storage, which is much more functional in a bathroom setting. The handles were replaced, also. Now for the SHINING STAR: THE SINK. It is a Grand Canyon sink made by Welker and adds SO MUCH to this room.  It is placed in a stunning granite counter top that accents well with the brown lines flowing through the aqua-teal color. The new mirror matches well, too!



These pictures show the new tile flooring much better! You can see how drastic the shower step changed, as well as all the different flooring colors used. They all meshed together seamlessly–beginning with a dark chocolate brown, then moving to a light cream varied color stepping into the shower, and ending in the shower with the medium tan tile floor. The color scheme was thought out very well in this space and by doing so, the room is full of aesthetic appeal! The base of the shower looks much better too!



THE OTHER STUNNER: THE SHOWER WALL. Two walls are covered in the same tile as the floor outside of the shower. The focal wall was done in tile and a ledger stone pattern/finish. The varied colors are eye-catching and very dramatic. However, it isn’t overly done or too crazy. Top and bottom tile shelves were added in the corner of the shower to store shower necessities. Lastly, the Hansgrohe Croma shower faucet set adds a nice touch.


Overall, the final product is SIMPLY JAW-DROPPING. The design and work done was ingenious with a great deal of thought and planning. How the various textures, colors, tiles, products, etc. were incorporated into the space so that the room meshed together as one, didn’t seem scattered to the eyes, and was all uniform is something we are very proud of. Hopefully this bathroom renovation gives you some inspiration for your own bathroom!