Feature Story 5

Wait until you see this kitchen renovation coming at you from Mentor on the Lake! It is mind blowing…
One Man and a Hammer took this challenge head-on and knocked it out of the park!

So simple. Elegant. Refreshing. Open. Beauty at its finest. 



  • This is the entry way into the kitchen. As you can see, OMAH knocked out the wall/door in the very back where the utility closet was, and created a little dining room area for the dining room table. A new light was placed above the table and the new back wall was painted a burgundy color. The wallpaper was gone! The added space from the utility room allowed for the space to become larger and open up the entryway into the kitchen. There is a counter with cabinets for storage when you now enter, with a new black refrigerator next to it that’s tucked away in its own wooden cubby. The window was replaced and new shades were assembled.




  • Here is the view of the entrance into the kitchen from the other side (back of the kitchen).You can see the refrigerator in its cubby and how cabinets were placed above to give more added storage. This wall area just screams “simple yet refined” in its own way. The entry wall was painted a yellow-tanish color and continues around all the walls surrounding the main kitchen area–not the dining room area as you saw with the burgundy color.




  • Take a look at the other side of the kitchen! Quite the CHANGE! You can see the yellow-tanish paint on the walls adds a subtle touch of calmness to the room and plays off the Debut Series cabinetry in Madison Oak Light perfectly. The Madura Garnet counter top serves as a wonderful home to the stainless steel Houzer Legend Series Topmount 80/20 Double Bowl sink. Stainless steel continued through the space with the Moen kitchen faucet, dishwasher, microwave and oven. Everything in the room comes together with the help of the sheet vinyl flooring, which is made up of all the colors used elsewhere. This was a MAJOR TURN AROUND FROM BEFORE TO AFTER…RIGHT?!



  • You can see that the kitchen design was moved around for better functionality and utilization of the space. The stove and microwave were added to the empty wall next to the entrance and the fridge was moved across the room to where the table used to be placed. This all allowed for more counter space and cabinetry for storage, which were both desperately needed! The sink can actually be used as a sink now and not a holder of miscellaneous items. Plus, the dishes can actually be placed in a dishwasher instead of pile up on the counter or in the sink.



  • In the back of the kitchen where the utility room was replaced with the dining room table that you saw earlier, is also home to a new laundry area. It is tucked behind the walls so you can’t see it, but is right next to the dining room table. This shows the upper and lower corner cabinets of the laundry area. This is great because now the home owner’s have a place to store their laundry necessities and a counter to use for folding or whatever needs to be set down. The cabinets are the same Debut Series in Madison Oak Light as were used in the kitchen. Across from these cabinets sits the new stacked washer and dryer that is perfect for this small space because it takes up very little room.