Feature Story 2

Nestled away in Euclid, OH, you will find this gem of a kitchen. Cheery and bright, right?! This kitchen turned out beautifully. It’s exuberant, full of life, spacious and very functional! 


BEFORE                                                                            AFTER

  • Prior to the remodel, this homeowner had a red accented wall and hallway, minimal light and had a table placed against the wall to fill in as a counter top. That said, the kitchen lacked storage space, drawers and cabinets.



  • As you can see, before the remodel there was the red wall and no storage along the left side wall.
  • After the remodel, the hallway was painted Spring Moss and the red wall turned candy apple green. A Canyon Passage colored counter-top accented the Avalon Medallion Silver-line Maple polished Ginger Snap cabinets. Talk about a stunning color scheme. The colors dance off of each other in a memorizing trance. The homeowner now enjoys closed storage space and has both drawers and cabinets for the different necessary kitchen appliances. Large cabinets were placed along the side wall for storage as well. The lower cabinets are enclosed with roll-out drawers for easy access. They run deep into the wall which is great because once again, there is more area for storage.



  • Here is a better look at the table placed against the wall before the remodel. As you can see, it was open shelving and very limited in space. The appliances were constantly dirtied from the open air and the kitchen just looked scattered, with no organization whatsoever.
  • The remodel allowed for a new, clean counter-top with minimal appliances placed on top.  They now sit comfortably below in closed storage cabinets. New lights were added and a stainless steel refrigerator was placed.



  • A slight difference between the before and after, wouldn’t you agree? Before, there was open space between the oven and the wall. Not enough to make good use of, but too much to go unnoticed. This oven/counter section was enclosed by walls from the top and both sides.
  • After the remodel, the functionality of this work space improved tremendously. The wall from the top as well as on the right side of the counter was taken out allowing the area to be open to the rest of the kitchen. A stainless steel oven was placed between new cabinetry and counter-tops. The added cabinetry allows for more storage space and filled in the open gap between the wall and stove. A beautiful stainless steel hood was placed overhead to allow for proper ventilation and task lighting in the work space. Also, the top half of the wall behind the stove is now open to the dining room. This allows communication between the cook and guests, making for a comfy environment. 



  • As you can see, the ceiling before the remodel was flat and rounded along the edges, with a ceiling fan and poor lighting. The cabinetry, sink and lighting were out-dated and the floor needed a face-lift.
  • After the remodel, the new brick pattern Bluff Beige Montego floor shines. It accents nicely against the dark cabinetry, counter-tops and stainless steel refrigerator. The left storage shelves on the end wall were painted white and the right upper storage cabinet was turned into open shelving for spices. Lastly, the ceiling is now triangular in shape with a larger, more exuberant light. A beautiful transformation, wouldn’t you agree?! 



  • So much beauty in one space! The new Canyon Passage Wilsonart counter-top featuring a Euro edge finish got upgraded along with a new stainless steel Bella sink, classic stainless steel Moen faucet, and a garbage disposal. An extra storage cabinet was placed to the left of the dish-washing machine, where prior to the remodel there was an open gap where the owner placed a plastic cubby in to use for storage. This additional cabinet also allowed for more counter space!