Feature Story 11

This eclectically designed bathroom resides in Hudson, OH and is definitely one of a kind!

Shower possibilities are endless and designs can get out of hand…but this shower came together in a beautiful manner with all aspects correlating seamlessly.

This homeowner finally decided to take the plunge and go forward with her long desired dream of a new bathroom. The vanity area was separate from the bathroom area, but the two shared a partition wall. Her wish was to keep the two areas separate, but drastically renovate both with updated designs, lighting, plumbing, etc. The main goal of the renovation was to transform the old bathtub into a luxurious shower.



What a shower, right?! The old shower and bathtub was replaced with a full-blown walk-in shower. It was designed with a cubby-hole to hold shower necessities and a bench to sit on whenever needed. The clear, heavy shower door and panel was made out of 3/8″ Krystal Glacier Tempered Glass and finished with Brushed Nickel edges. A Brushed Nickel shower rod was added to the outside of the door so people showering could easily grab a towel when finished.




Try to take all the beauty in at once. It is almost impossible! The walls of the shower were covered in Sarayi Grey tile slabs and accented with Muse Soul Mate Blend tiles in a mosaic pattern strip. The mosaic tile was also used inside the cubby-hole located below. The mosaic tile is so simple, yet adds tremendously to the aesthetics of the whole space. Sometimes it is true when they say “less is more”. The shower head, handheld shower head, knobs, drain and other accessories located in the shower are Kohler products finished in Brushed Nickel.

The bench is made up of Classic Mosaics Storm tiles and topped with a black tile seat. All of the tile surrounding the black seat really contrasted against it well, creating a very striking color combo. Finally, all of the tile was filled with Natural Sanded grout for a beautiful finish!

This shower room was completed with the addition of a Panasonic Whisper Lite Vent Fan/Light that was placed in the ceiling to absorb the moisture and humidity.

As you can see, the old shower space was drastically in need of a face lift. The tile was worn, the tub was rusting around the edges, the bathtub was tiny in size, and the shower head was lacking pressure, making showering difficult and take longer than needed.



Here is the new and improved toilet area! As you can see, the toilet no longer conflicts with the door, allowing people to enter and exit the room much easier. Notice that a diamond Muse Soul Mate Blend tile mosaic accent piece was placed above the toilet to add a little extra aesthetic. Also, a round front, White Cimarron toilet bowl and tank was installed. The lever was once again, Kohler Brushed Nickel.



Now for the vanity room which was drastically transformed. The first thing you probably noticed was the addition of the two windows in the side wall. Don’t worry–the glass got frosted so no one can see through to the other side! Good thing too, as the windows share a wall with the shower! Also, the wallpaper was stripped and the walls were painted in a super specific Eggshell color. Mesmerizing Firenza Stone-Star White and Black Pearl counter tops were installed and filled with two Kohler White under counter sinks. The faucets were Kohler and finished in Brushed Nickel.




This is a better view of the vanity as a whole. The two mirrors were specially made to fit certain specifications. They were as follows: 25″ x 36″ x 1/4″ with a 3/4″ bevel; slight top and bottom radius; with an oval shape. New lights were placed above each mirror and tacked onto the new wainscot. The wainscot was made from 1/4″ Maple veneer beaded black paneling. The chosen color was Pinot Noir with a premium finish. The scribe molding and crown molding along the tops and sides were also Maple and colored Pinot Noir with a premium finish. All in all, the top half of the vanity turned out amazing!

When looked at closely, you can see that the Firenza Stone-Star White and Black Pearl counter tops were finished with a standard edge detail.

Now lets discuss this stunning cabinetry!! The homeowner chose Medallion Designer Maple cabinets finished in Pinot Noir. The dark color contrast allows the surrounding colors in the space to shine! The color combination chosen was clearly a successful one. Each cabinet and drawer was accented with a Brushed Nickel handle to complete the look. 

All together, the vanity area turned out how the homeowner imagined it would which made her one happy lady!

That is all for this renovation. Hopefully you got some ideas and feel inspired. Now you have to wait for our next Feature of the Week story!