Feature Story 10

Mayfield Heights presents to you a beautiful kitchen renovation done by One Man and A Hammer.

The mudroom, hallway, and bathroom were renovated as well!

Sometimes the simplest of designs, color schemes and accents create the most aesthetically appealing rooms.

These clients had been wanting to renovate their kitchen for quite some time and finally decided to take the plunge. Ask them now and they’d say it was one of the best decisions they’ve made. They absolutely LOVE their new kitchen. That said, lets check it out!



As you can see there were many changes made!
The walls were painted Tudor Cream with an eggshell finish.
Recessed lights were placed in the ceiling which allowed for the entire room to be better lit. Plus, they simply made the ceiling look stunning. A new and larger chandelier was placed over the table.
The pocket door leading to the dining room had to be kept due to a fireplace on the other side of the wall. That said, the door was repainted in Ivory Tower with a semi-gloss finish.
The soffit was kept around the ceiling, but the end piece that stuck out from the wall was removed and an angle finish was added to fit with the new cabinetry below. It is also painted in Ivory Tower with a semi-gloss finish to match the pocket door.
Since the little peninsula that stuck out from the wall in the original design was removed, the counter tops and cabinetry were both extended. This opened up the space and created more functionality.
Lastly, the floor was updated to ceramic tile.



Here is a close up of the new counter tops and cabinetry placed along the sink wall. The new granite counter tops were colored Baltic Brown. They were finished with a standard edge and turned out very nicely!
A new Elkay lustertone undermount double-bowl sink in stainless steel was installed. The faucet remained the same, but a stainless steel soap dispenser was added to the left!
The golden Shiloh cabinetry was made from maple wood. The hinges were concealed and the drawers were all built dovetail style to ensure both stability and durability. All cabinets and drawers were accented with stainless steel Emtek handles that were 3″ long.
Also, the dishwasher was moved during the renovation. It was now stainless steel and placed to the right of the sink to allow for better functionality and easy access between the two.



As you can see, some of the cabinets were customized and hid genius design pieces. The corner cabinet housed a stacked lazy Susan which allowed for easy access to all items placed in/on the shelves. The end cabinet housed the client’s Kitchen Aid mixer. She wanted a specific storage drawer for this mixer, so the tradesmen made sure to deliver by creating custom drawers with specific cutouts.
In addition, you can clearly see the back splash behind the counter. The tile was simple, yet extremely effective. The Matte Biscuit tile pieces were each 6″ long and placed in three rows, top and bottom. In the middle was a linear glass/stone mosaic blend called Bliss Bamboo.



Here is the other side of the kitchen! What a beauty right?! The same Shiloh cabinetry and Emtek handles were installed on this side, of course. A new stainless steel refrigerator, oven/stove, and hood vent were all installed. They really added to the overall look and color scheme! A new stainless steel microwave was placed on the counter top to the left. The clients now had every possible cooking appliance they would need!
The same Matte Biscuit and Bliss Bamboo tile back splashes were installed. They looked especially amazing in this area because the tile was framed on all four sides, turning it into a dramatic focal point.
The granite Baltic Brown counter tops also carried over to this side and finished the look.
There was a big change made to this area. The installed cabinetry was built to be deeper for more storage space. The end cabinets were now almost flush with the wall and the center cabinets were inset for lighting purposes. The soffit was built out from the wall so that recessed lighting could be added into the ceiling to serve as task lighting. In addition, the inset cabinets and lighting added more dimension and created an amazing aesthetic appeal.




Here are some close-up pictures of individual aspects and sections in the kitchen.

The first three pictures show the left side of the kitchen from different angles.

The forth picture shows the decorative panel with a flush toe kick.

The fifth picture shows a close-up of the back splash.



In addition to the kitchen, the half bath, hallway, and mud-room were also renovated.
Let’s begin with the half bath. The walls, doors, and trim were painted Lambskin in color and the old flooring was replaced with the same ceramic tile used in the kitchen.




Now take a look at the mud-room!
The same golden Shiloh cabinetry made from maple wood that was used in the kitchen was also placed in this room. The clients gained additional storage space by adding upper cabinets, which lacked in the original layout.
The Baltic Brown granite counter top was also installed. However, this counter was longer and deeper than the previous white one.
The ceramic tile from the kitchen carried over into this space, also.
The upper half of the walls were painted Tudor Cream, while the lower half (wainscot), doors, and trim were all painted a Burlap color with an eggshell finish. The doors and trim were covered with a semi-gloss finish.

Overall, this renovation was a complete success and the clients were ecstatic!