1. “We spent probably 10 years dreaming and planning a new kitchen. One Man and a Hammer made those ideas and dreams come true. Great folks to work with and awesome staff and crew! They may not be the lowest cost, but they are the best at delivering to your expectations!

    Mark did a great job to understand who we were and why we wanted what we did. That sent the tone for the entire relationship. I was impressed that Bob took several hours to sit with us for the selection process. You certainly felt that the OMAH team’s goal was to deliver the best product to our expectations no matter what their contribution was. From design to executive through the payment, our happiness was evident in what they did.

    The whole team was just awesome, but Mark took a decade of dreams and made them a reality for us. I often says to the hubs, “Oh honey?” Response “yes…” Me: “I love our new kitchen!” Thank you Mark! Job Well Done!!!”

    -  Jim and Amy

    May, 2016 – Kitchen Remodel

  2. “They were professional and courteous. They were effective and efficient. Everyone from top to bottom was great. I can0not imagine a better experience.  Best contractors I have ever worked with.”

    -   Andrew

    May, 2016 – Various Projects

  3. “They transformed my condo into a beautiful living space for me to enjoy. I am very happy with the way my condo turned out. One Man and a Hammer transformed my condo into a beautiful living space for me. Thank you!!!”

    -    Maria

    April, 2016

  4. Problem/Resolution: “The use of the Co-Construct website made communication back and forth so easy and efficient. Whenever I had a question or problem, my posted message was answered within minutes- even once on a weekend!”

    Area of Satisfaction: “The quality of the materials is excellent. Advice on color and material choice turned out to be exactly what we needed. Ideas that I suggested for unusual adaptations to the spaces were seriously considered and then implemented to our great satisfaction.”

    Recognize Excellence: “The tradesmen arrived on time each day, worked steadily until a reasonable stopping point was reached, cleaned up carefully, and maintained a positive, friendly, and open attitude. Their craftmanship showed skill, care, and attention to detail.”

    -Doug and Peggy

    October 2015, Various Projects

  5. “Co-Construct is so very valuable in maintaining communication. It allowed me to communicate any concerns as needed and resolutions/explanations were offered very quickly. My crew was very good. At the end of each day the crew cleaned up and kept supplies organized. They respected my home in doing their work.”

    “I was originally told it would be about a three week job but because of the excellent coordination, everything took place in less than two weeks.”
    “I was most satisfied, however, with their service, service, service! ….and putting me and my satisfaction first!”
    August 2015, Kitchen Renovation
  6. “It was obvious that the kitchen floor tile was not installed properly prior to my buying the house. In addition, the floor had previously settled at one end of the kitchen. To do it right this was a job that needed the correct approach otherwise I would have the same problems down the road again. In working with various potential contractors, it became obvious that not everyone understood the problem and how to address it. One Man explained the reasons for the old tile problems, and further explained how their approach would correct it. In other words it would be done right.”


    August 2015, Kitchen Remodel

  7. “As always, One Man and A Hammer’s work, attitude, and results have been excellent. I am most satisfied with the promptness of their response and action to correct my problems. The tradesmen and workmanship are top grade.”


    August 2015, Various Projects

  8. “They were very professional and mannerly. I enjoyed having them here to do the work for me. I am satisfied because the bathroom looks beautiful. They did a fantastic job and I am very, very pleased with it.”

    August 2015, Bathroom Renovation
  9. “Incredibly positive experience using One Man and a Hammer’s design and installation team. I was most satisfied with the design team prior to construction.”

    -John and Mary

    July 2015, Kitchen Renovation

  10.  “Very happy with the installation and quality of work. I can’t believe this is actually our house. Also, want to mention their staff – everyone we dealt with: the designer, office personnel and construction staff were very easy to work with and we appreciated how quickly issues were resolved. We very much appreciated how the construction staff cleaned up the work site at the end of each day. – it made living in the construction zone tolerable.”

    Jim and Terri

      January 2015, Kitchen Remodel