“The design and Mark’s willingness to “play with blocks” and put together the perfect crown for the cabinets and find the right cabinets we wanted (i.e., dividers for trays and other items to be on their side; trash/recycling combo etc) was great. Mark’s assistance with the backsplash and flooring choices. The workmanship is fantastic! Everything was installed and put together to perfectly meet up with corners and walls etc. The bench built into the bay window looks great ~ absolutely what I’ve wanted since we built the house! Dennis is really skilled and takes pride in his work as he should. Frank was enthusiastic about the flooring and did a great job with that. The two of them work very well together. Frank was also very helpful in suggesting the location of the can lights.Everyone had great patience with me as we had about 10 paint colors on the wall to choose from and struggled to figure out the best one. :-)

    -John and Therese

    December 2014, Kitchen Remodel (Areas of Satisfaction)


    “I was most satisfied with the quality of the work and the knowledge of the workers that came in and fulfilled their job. I was very, very happy with them.”

    –Bob & Sharon

    March 2014, Various Projects



    “I cannot even put into words how grateful and impressed I was from a customer service aspect, especially regarding the attention and sensitivity to my family’s situation. I have to note the professionalism, skills and workmanship of Dennis, who did most of the work on my project–very impressive. I told Bob that he’s lucky to have Dennis. If I have any further projects, definitely requesting Dennis. Debbie, fab. Bill, very trustworthy. Overall, Bob has instilled a customer-service environment with a fantastic team of genuinely nice and knowledgeable professionals.”


    April 2014, Various Projects


    “I was most satisfied with the quality of the work. I have worked with contractors before that did not show up on time and did not do a good job.”

    –Dragos and Irina

    May 2014, Various Projects


    “The guys who came out did their job well. They were organized and friendly – but not overly friendly. Anytime anything was going to be done, they let me know what was going to happen and how it would happen. If something had to be rectified, it was done immediately and to my satisfaction. They were very professional. And I LOVE my new shower door. I’m pleased as can be with that.”

    –Skip & Donna

    July 2014, Various Projects


    “I got the best painter I’ve ever had in my life. He was so neat and careful. I wish he could paint the whole house! I’d give it a double 4.”


    July 2014, Interior Painting

  7. “The entire One Man and a Hammer team cares about their work … and it shows! They paid attention to every detail in each of the projects at our home and the results demonstrate that level of care! They take pride in their work and are true craftsmen. I love the improvements that they have made to our home. I trust them completely and will continue to go to them as our needs / wants arise. It is such a comforting / secure feeling knowing that the work will be handled not only competently … but with a precision and attention that is difficult to find … anywhere.”


    July 2014, Various Projects


    “I was most satisfied in that they have been right on top of everything. They’ve made suggestions, took us to the tile places, gave us time to think about ideas, and when there was a problem they corrected it. Frank was here on time and worked overtime to make sure things were done over the holiday so we didn’t have a problem. Everything was wonderful. We would use them again for other projects. We’ve recommended the company to several people.”

    –Duane & Janet

    October 2014


    “This is my second project using One Man and A Hammer. I have great confidence in their ability to complete projects on-time and budget. They approached each project whether replacing a damaged floor tile to a significant bathroom remodel with the same level of professionalism. Their tradesmen are very skilled, take pride in their work and are very polite and respectful of my household. Definitely my go-to resource.”


    October 2014, Various Projects


    “I appreciated One Man and A Hammer’s scheduling ability. Anytime they needed to reschedule something they worked with us to come up with a better date. We were also impressed by the expertise of the painter/worker who worked on our project. He did anything we needed. At one point he put in a soffit for us. He worked very well.”


    November 2014, Various Projects