1. It was a complete renovation of our main bathroom. Adding a  walk in shower, a jacuzzi, new tile, flooring, lights, a complete walk in closet, cabinets with granite and all electrical and plumbing affiliated with.
    Member Comments:
    We are elated with the job One Man & A Hammer did. From the very first meeting with Bob and his staff, we couldn’t have asked for anything more. They took the time to go over what you wanted, (noted the extra’s).  Within a week we had a schematic on what it would look like. Then Bob spent 2-3 days taking us to other stores/dealers for our bathroom, flooring and granite selections.
    The work done by his people (thank you John) was impecable. They were very much into detail and making sure it was as we wanted it. What I found interesting from day one is, they colaborated between themselves on the best way to go at things. I’ve never been involved with  anyone that did that.
    If you wanted something extra done, you would simply ask that on their website. They would then explain what would be entailed with a price and you would either accept or not do it at that time. (The computer system was new at that time) but we found it worked perfect. You will also see a detailed listing of everything that is and will be done to your job there.
    I would recommend this company to anyone doing home building or remodeling. They make you feel like your a part of their family and the work done is very detailed and to your specifications.
    Thanks to One Man and A Hammer – who we will now use with anything to do with remodeling !!!
  2. October, 2011

     We are happy with how it looks and is going.  All the guys have been very nice.  Need to clean up a little drywall work, nothing major.  Windows do look nice on both sides.  I especially like the garden window and think Bryon did a great job trimming it in.  Have always wanted a garden window in my kitchen.  And now I do.

    Have a good day.


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    I called 3 home repair companies, all with good recommendations from Angie’s List. One never returned my call. One returned my (second) call to him and sent out a young man accompanied by his girlfriend… He did not seem very interested. He said he would “get back to me”. He never did.

    In marked contrast , Bob Gallese of One Man and a Hammer returned my call promptly and quickly came to the house himself. We walked through and I gave him the inspection report. It was obvious I was a very upset and confused person, feeling overwhelmed by the situation I found myself in. Mr. Gallese was both kind and professional. He made helpful suggestions and said his work people could be out promptly to begin the work. I thankfully turned the whole messy situation over to him.

    …The workers were actually engaged in a situation that frequently called for problem-solving and trial and error approaches, and they were methodical and thoroughly reliable and trustworthy. I came to value their company as my days passed in a house that did not feel at all like the home I thought I was coming to. They were all consistently patient, kind and helpful to me. The good work, and obvious integrity, of all these people were a comfort to me…

    Many Thanks,
    Pat & Charles Whitaker

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  4. Dear Bob,

    Just sending you a little note to let you know how PROUD you make us feel by using our beautiful kitchen for the cover of your new pamphlet. I still can’t believe that this is OUR kitchen! You guys are awesome!


    -Ron & Jackie

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  5. Hi, Bob.

    Thanks again for a great job.  Love the ceiling fan in both the kitchen and bath.  We just need our house key back, and the bill.  Thank you very much for the prompt and excellent service.  I tell a lot of people about your company.

    -Brian and Lori

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  6. Dear Bob,

    When we bought this old house 20 years ago we really underestimated the multitude of problems that came with it.  We were also inexperienced in hiring contractors/tradesmen, etc.  We could make a very funny sitcom using some of our adventures.  But, over the years, we have found wonderful, reliable, competent professionals who have been enormously helpful.  We have also learned the hard way to be wary.  I am delighted to say that you and Bill are solidly in the category of wonderful, skilled and reliable.

    Gordon and I hope you and your company have a long and successful life – we can’t imagine it would be otherwise.



    P.S.  I can’t tell you how much I enjoy Bill.  He is so friendly, cheerful, thorough and excellent at what he does.  Thanks!!

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  7. Hi, Bob.  As requested, here is a copy of the report we sent to Angie’s list.

    We are truly enjoying the magnificent deck you and your talented craftsmen built for us.  Please feel free to show our deck to your prospective customers.

    Best regards to you and “the guys”.

    - Lynn and Barry, too!

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  8. Dear Bob,

    Thank you so much for all the work you and your crew did for our home so far!  We love our new main bathroom and our showcase kitchen.  I never imagined the kitchen looking so beautiful!  Your crew did an outstanding job!  We could not be any happier with our kitchen.  Thank you and I hope that we weren’t too big of a pain and that you will continue to work for us!  I would like very much to refer you to all of our friends and neighbors, if you don’t mind!?!

    Also, thank you for adding those little extras that we requested for example the oak trim in the closet when I told Bill that I would like white, etc.  Thank you for responding to every request and need.  I would like to add my highest ratings for your company on the Angie’s List and please pass on to Scott, Mike, Todd, Bill and the others (whose names I don’t remember) that we are extremely pleased with their work!  Lily and Lexy will miss you guys!!!

    Thanks a million and we look forward to many more projects together!


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  9. One Man and a Hammer is the answer to the dreams of every woman who thought of a butter knife as a screwdriver and a shoe heel as a hammer. Because he’s friendly, honest, and respectful.  I have retained the services of Mr. Gallese for everything from installation of new outer doors, to attic insulation to the insulation of over 500 sq ft of Pergo wood flooring.  No other firm comes close to his exacting standards and more-than-fair pricing.  This fall season calls for new kitchen countertops, and I wouldn’t trust anyone else for the job!

    Anneliese P., Mentor, OH

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  10. I am pleased with the job that was done.  I think the worker did a very professional job.


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